How do you spend Disney Dollars?

  Disney Dollars DO NOT expire.  The oldest bill from 1987 can still be used today.  As they are worth real money. They also may be exchanged back for the U.S. Dollars or purchased using the same.  They may be used to pay for anything that can be normally paid for with cash including the following locations:

Disneyland Resort

Disney California Adventure
Disneyland Park
World of Disney Store - Downtown Disney

 Walt Disney World Resort

Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
DisneyWorld (Magic Kingdom)
There are however a few exceptions to the rule
  • The bills are not compatible with the coin machines. To use those machines you must exchange your bills for real bills.

  • When paying with Disney Dollars change is given however you will usually not receive Disney Dollars rather the cashier will provide U.S. dollars and coins as your change.

  • Disney Dollars may be used to make purchases at the "Disney Store" and may also be used to purchase Park Tickets. (There no special discount for doing so)

  • In addition you may pay for Disney Cruises and Hotels, call ahead of time to verify where to send the Disney dollars and how to send them (they will only accept them if you call ahead and verify and mail/ship them with a service that is traceable such as UPS or FedEx.

2005 $50 Disney Dollar
1993 $1 Disney Dollar
1997 $10 Disney Dollar - Lion King
2001 $5 Disney Dollar