What are Disney Dollars?
Disney dollars are Disney Currency based on a dollar for dollar exchange, they were created by Disney as a way to make money "Disney" and a way to make Disney money.  

Where can I purchase Disney Dollars? 
Disney Dollars are no longer available for purchase.  However, they can still be found for sale on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Why do you have advertising on your site?
This site is an informational fan site about Disney Dollars. That being said, there are overhead expenses, including server fees and domain cost. The advertising helps to pay for associated cost to keep the site running.
Do you know when the next Disney Dollar is coming out?
Unfortunately Disney Has retired Disney Dollars as of May 14, 2016

If I put a banner to Disneydollars.net on my webpage will you put mine on yours?
DisneyDollars.net does allow link exchanges.  Certain restrictions do apply all sites must be kid friendly and banner exchanges require that the site in question be Disney related. All sites are subject to review (See Links or Link Exchange)

Where can I spend Disney Dollars? 
Disney Dollars can be used at the Disneyland and DisneyWorld Resorts this includes Disneyland, Epcot, California Adventure, DisneyWorld and the other Parks throughout the Resorts. Including the Disney Store, Disney Hotels, and Disney Vacation Club Resorts. (see Using Disney Dollars )

May I use you pictures on my website or webstore?
Yes you may use the images of the "Disney Dollars" from this site, please download the images first, direct linking is prohibited.  If you do use the images of the Disney Dollars from this site please reference and link the follow http://www.disneydollars.net.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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