2006 Disney Dollars

   Disney did not release a version 2006 Disney Dollar however a "2005" Disney Dollar was released in 2006. Celebrating Disneyland Resort "The Happiest Place on Earth" for a second year.
    A unique feature of these bills show on the reverse side; Tinkerbell in color. All of the 2005 series release in both years not including the Chicken Little $1 have this feature. This is also the last year in which Tinkerbell is found on the reverse side of the bill on the left and right borders.
Version - 2005 released 2006
Location - Anaheim (A), DisneyWorld (D), Disney Store (T)
Bills - $1, $5, and $10 
Theme: Celebrating 50 years of Disneyland 1955 to 2005. "Happiest Place on Earth"
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2006 $1 Cinderella Disney Dollar
2006 $1 "Cinderella" Disney Dollar
2006 $5 Goofy Disney Dollar
2006 $5 "Goofy" Disney Dollar
2006 $10 Minnie Mouse Disney Dollar
2006 $10 "Minnie Mouse" Disney Dollar