2005 Disney Dollars

    In 2005 Disney released a new "T" version for release at the Disney Store. Additionally, the A, D, and T bills were released with a bar code and the designers shrunk down the obverse image of the Castle. Also released was the Chicken Little (advertising the movie) Disney Dollar and a $50 Disney Dollar. The bills celebrate the Disneyland Resort as "The Happiest Place on Earth".  As a added feature Tinkerbell is colored in on the reverse side of the bill.
    Another series was released for 2005, featuring a new $1, $5, and $10 bill. These were released in 2006. 2005 Disney also discontinued the use of letter "A" following the serial number.
Version - 2003 
Location - Anaheim (A), DisneyWorld (D) Disney Store (T)
Bills - $1, $5, and $10, $50 (only A, D)
Theme: Celebrating Disneyland's 50th year and the the Movie Chicken Little coming to theaters.

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  1. 2005 $50 "Mickey in Mirror" Limited Edition
  2. 2005 $1 Dumbo Disney Dollar
  3. 2005 $1 Dumbo Disney Dollar with Barcode
  4. 2005 $5 "Donald Duck" Disney Dollar
  5. 2005 $5 "Donald Duck" Disney Dollar with Barcode
  6. 2005 $10 "Stitch" Disney Dollar
  7. 2005 $10 "Stitch" Disney Dollar with Barcode
  8. 2005 $50 "Tuxedo Mickey Mouse" Disney Dollar
  9. 2005 Chicken Little Disney Dollar